CBD Serum

I burnt my décollette over the weekend and now have a minor sun rash. It’s not great, but this morning I skipped the aloe and coated my chest in cbd. I just caught a quick peek of myself in the mirror and guess what? It’s better. It’s not gone, but it’s calmed way down!⠀

You know me, I won’t TOUCH a product unless it works REALLY well, and... I spend a weird amount of money on neck cream. But I truly believe that several of my new cbd sérums and creams are starting to work. It’s taken a few months to see the changes and it isn’t magic, but I can’t argue with the healing properties and the changes in my skin tone. ⠀

So if you find you’ve over done the sun this season, reach for your cbd serum and see how it goes. (and let me know what you are using!!) ⠀