Cannabis Everyday

Some of my favorite ways to use cannabis might just surprise you.  

Say I have a dinner in San Francisco and want to walk to my event but also want to wear my Choos.  Before cannabis, I would pop an Advil but now I take a 50/50 cbd/thc tincture which is an anti-inflammatory (CBD) and keeps my feet from hurting (THC) when I walk those long city blocks. 

I use CBD in my moisturizer. I use a CBD tincture post-pilates workout to prevent sore muscles. I love a good THC transdermal like Mary's Medicinals for sore muscles.   I use THC lube for sex (the BEST) and have tried, though not loved THC in my coffee.  I am not giving up on that one though.  There is a ton of research about the way your brain works under the influence of  cannabis combined with caffeine.  I just haven't tried it much.

I use topical THC when my body hurts from sitting all day in my ergonomically correct Aeron office chair. Btw, it's not the chair, it's my lack of movement when I get into a solid work flow! 

I like to party and use cannabis for recreation as much or more than wine whenever possible.  Meaning, not all parties I attend are cannabis parties.   I am careful with edibles but am loving the cannabis beverages and low dose mints for both being discreet and easy.

Note: I took a break from vaping cannabis for a few months recently.  It wasn't a conscious thing.  I just had a ton going on and it wasn't helping with stress.  I needed to "do my work" and not procrastinate or relax, it's just what had to happen a the time.  Now that I am back to using cannabis regularly, I have begun to feel the benefits again. I still used my topicals and CBD, but I wasn't consistent and I could totally tell the difference.