Bring it on, 2020!

We made it through Christmas (with kids) and we are sailing into the post-Christmas days AND into the New Year with big doses of gratitude. The truth is, 2019 was a tough one on many levels, so we are excited to see what the New Year and NEW decade have in store for us! Manifesting is in full effect over here. This is sure to be our best year yet! ⁠

Be alert and aware of what you are adding to your vision board right now. Your manifestations will come in hot and when they do, you want to be ready for what's next! ⁠

And for those who need a little boost into 2020, here's what always works for me. Podcasts, stories of those who believed they could and then did, motivational quotes, images that inspire, candles in every room, hiking in the woods and finding my person...that's what I am after between now and the New Year! ⁠

⁠Put it out there into the universe and then, go do your work. There are no coincidences and the world is truly your oyster in 2020! ⁠