5 products every new cannabis user should try

I have to tell you, I am asked about which new products to try on an almost daily basis.  I have been sharing this info for almost a year now with friends and family, but the truth is, I want to pass on the products that I have tried and liked so others can reap the benefits and of course, so we can start the conversation about what works and what, well, doesn’t. 

I just finished a totally inspirational brunch with a packaging designer friend of mine.  We often meet to talk shop and look at packaging and design. We literally sit down, order salads and pop open our bags to compare what is in our purse right now!  She is always looking for labels to rework and I am always looking for products to bring to the KG offering as we build out our @kellygreenshop, so it’s a BLAST!  

Then, just yesterday, a friend of mine asked about recommendations for cannabis sleep aides.   I thought it was the perfect time to share what I am using right now. Oh, and these are products I have honestly used and like as a regular consumer, not a paid influencer or anything like that.  


  1. CBD Daily:  I was talking to my pro-cyclist girlfriend @tealstetsonlee a few years back and she was telling me about her cannabis rituals post-race.  She mentioned that she takes CBD daily. I was like “daily?!” and then it hit me. Of COURSE we should be taking CBD every day, it is an anti-inflammatory and having it in our system is so good for our cannabinoid system not to mention the pain management benefits, and I slowly started to use CBD every day.  I take the tincture form in the morning and at night. I have tried a ton of different products and tend to switch it up to test what I prefer. From taste to feel, they all differ slightly. I like my daily CBD to taste clean and even fresh, peppermint is lovely and not leaving a bad taste in my mouth is preferable. I have @Juneoils on my bedside table right now along with a few other beauties.  
  2. Topicals:  I love love love topicals.  I spent years combing the shelves of Sephora for the latest and greatest products and now I am playing in CBD land.  From ultra-moisturizing jojoba based CBD oils to rich balms, I am a lotion and potion person! So if you are starting down the path with cannabis, incorporating topicals is a must!  Buy whatever smells good to you so long as it is third-party tested!  Try @cannuka, I especially loves how rich and moisturizing it is!!
  3. The Pax vaporizer:  Smoking flower is a good experience, even for newbies.  What I like is that it gets you working with the flower.  Flower by itself will not get you high. You can swallow a whole bud and nothing will happen!   You have to heat it up in some way to turn into THC and THAT is the very condensed version of how you get high.  SO vaping cannabis is a fun and pro way to start down the path of finding what you like and having a controlled experience.  Start with one puff. Wait 20 minutes, then if you want more, have another puff.
  4. Microdosing Edibles:  Okay, so low and slow is THE thing we say ALL the time, and it’s the secret to having a controlled cannabis experience.  This is critical for newbies and born-again cannabis lovers alike. 2.5 mg of THC is the starting point for a micro-dose of cannabis.  Once it kicks in and you feel safe physically and mentally (give it 2-3 hours) you can add another 2.5 mg, and so on. I mean, at some point it is no longer a microdose, it is a hero’s dose, but micro-dosing is all about going low and slow and pacing yourself.  I love the @Petra mint the most for micro-dosing, It is consistent and it is discrete.  
  5. Sexpot is a real thing in our house.  We actually had a test-session last weekend @sexysunday to see who preferred which canna-lube!  Try @its.quim Night Moves intimate oil and for a next-level experience, try smoking some beautiful California cannabis and THEN adding Night Moves, it's truly been next level for both my partner and me.

Be brave, and let me know how it goes!



*Medical Disclaimer* – The information provided herein is provided for information purposes only. As such it cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional.