12 Days of Cannabis Gifting: Day 4 Pre-Rolls

12 Days of Cannabis Gifting: Day 4 Pre-Rolls


DAY 4: pre-rolls

"Of course I know how to roll a joint." -Martha Stewart

The truth is, I usually can't smoke an entire joint by myself. I prefer to split one with a friend. I have found that pre-rolled MINI joints have been a smashing success at our cannabis friendly holiday parties this season! They are about half the size of regular joints and they are perfect for sharing with a friend! Oh, and there's no waste!

This year, we are giving the gift of pre-rolls to our friends and family! We have wrapped up bundles of joints like mini cinnamon sticks and tied them up in festive ribbons. They are the perfect gift and they are perfectly shareable! Wrapping them in mini tins and paper boxes makes for chic + discrete stocking stuffers. 

xo kelly